Chris Kula

Chris Kula is a comedian based in Los Angeles.
In the fall 2007, I moved from New York City to LA to write for MADtv. In the fall of 2007, I moved from New York to LA to write for MADtv. I am also a teacher and improviser at Upright izens Brigade Theatre.

Since 2001, Chris Kula has performed sketch and improv at UCB Theatre. He is currently a Community writer. He was previously a staff writer for MADtv and Funny or Die. He has also written for the Onion News Network and NPR. Kula was a panelist for CNN’s Not Just Another Cable News Show for two seasons. While he improvised in ASSSSCAT, Harold Night and on the UCBT LA stage, he performs with The Smokes every week. He is a drummer, and a University of Michigan graduate.