Writing a Comedy Script


It is possible to write a comedy script in theory. However, it is not difficult to write one. It is very easy to write anything. Writing anything is easy, period. However, if you add qualifiers like “funny”, before the words “comedyScript”, then it becomes very difficult. You don’t believe it? Don’t believe me? Then take a look at all the “comedy” films that have been made in film history! Every one of these transgressors started with a terrible comedy script. Let’s now take a look at what comedy should include. You don’t need to be a comedy writer to succeed.

You should first use reversals. What are reversals? What is a reversal? It is simply something that is not expected. Remember the scene in 2009’s The Hangover where Stu planned to marry his girlfriend? It turned out that Stu would marry a stripper, which is a reversal. Humour, according to comedy writers, is based on reversals.

A big build-up is another powerful tool that you must not underestimate. A large build-up refers to something that everyone expects to happen in a movie. However, to make the most of this event, you need to make sure any characters in your script are expecting the exact opposite of what will actually occur next. This will increase the gap between what the audience expects and what actually happens. The result is that the more there is a chasm between reality and expectation, the greater the laughs.

It is important that you choose the right location for your movie. Even though you’re writing comedy, if you choose locations wisely, your funny ideas will flow naturally. You will find it useful to consider locations that are interesting not only in a visual sense but also full of curious objects that your characters can interact in funny ways. This principle of scriptwriting was used in The Hangover. Keep in mind that Las Vegas was the film’s setting. This city is full of interesting people and other things that the Hangover characters could interact, which produced some really funny moments.

Another thing to remember when writing comedy scripts is looking for the “less obvious” jokes. Comedy is often more fun when the jokes are less obvious than those that have been repeated a hundred times. Here’s a tip: You will find the least obvious joke in comedy if you create more than one scene. Be patient and try to find the least obvious joke in every piece of material you create.

Although irony is not something you should practice, it can be comedy gold or comedy platinum. Irony can be defined as creating a discord or incongruity between an expression and its intention, or between the intentions and the results. This simple, but effective definition of irony is important to remember when creating comedy scenes. You can use irony in comedy at both the macro and micro levels.